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Social Sale Rep: My Honest Review Of Their Live Chat Assistant Job Program

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It was a sunny day when I stumbled upon Social Sale Rep. I was looking for a way to earn money online without the hassles of a 9-to-5 job, and that’s when I found this absolute gem. I’d been doing various admin jobs here and there for the longest time, I’ve always hated the 9-5 grind, having to get up each morning and go work at a place I don’t want to, that’s no way to spend 5 of the 7 days of the week! I never even knew you could do live chat assistant jobs from home or wherever you want. So, when I saw this service that offered to train me and help hook me up with a remote chat assistant job estimating $20-$35 an hour, I thought “might as well give it a try”. And now that I have properly used the service, I’m in a good position to give my honest assessment. The goal of this article is to hopefully help you decide if it’s right for you or not.

Spoiler Alert: I completed the quick training, got a live chat job and now I choose my own hours, work remotely for $24 an hour, and it’s been great so far!


What is a Live Chat Assistant?

As a Live Chat Assistant, your job will be to answer live chat messages on a business’s website or social media accounts. They come to you, and you provide the user with general customer support, answering questions and some roles allow you to help with sales also. With more and more customers preferring live chat customer services, compared to phone calls or visiting a store, more and more businesses need people like me and you to fill the role and handle these online chat requests from customers. There’s never been a better time for remote, flexible work with live chat jobs. 

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What is Social Sale Rep?

So, Social Sale Rep it’s a platform that connects businesses online with people like me and you, who speak and write in fluent English and can work as Live Chat Assistants remotely online. Their goal is to help companies improve their customer support efforts by providing high-quality live chat assistants. They first offer an easy training program that prepares us for the role of a live chat assistant. The training covers communications skills, understanding the customer’s needs, and managing multiple chats at the same time. And then there is the part that really helped me, once the training is completed, Social Sale Rep matched me with a business hiring, that suited my skills and preferences!

I can now work the hours I choose, allowing me to have a much more flexible and healthy work-life balance. No way am I ever returning to 9-5 in an office again! With its focus on providing quality live chat services and helping further the professional growth of its live chat assistants, Social Sale Rep has become a really popular choice for anyone looking to work from home or remotely in the booming live chat industry, as well as businesses looking to hire for pre-trained customer service live chat support roles.

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My Personal Experience:

Three months ago, I signed up with Social Sale Rep’s live chat assistant program after I came across a random ad for it on Facebook, I was skeptical at first, but when I saw the $1 trial at sign up I was happy to give it a whirl! I have to say, that my experience from the start has been great, the signup process was easy, and the training was comprehensive and easy to follow. The modules were engaging and gave me lots of insight into the live chat industry so I didn’t feel like a newbie anymore. With the training modules, I was well prepared for my new role as a live chat assistant, I felt confident going into my job instead of nervous not knowing what to do. 

Once I had completed the training, the program helped me secure a great Live Chat Assistant job in no time! And once I started working as a live chat assistant remotely, I found the work both enjoyable and rewarding. The variety of different types of clients and industries I’ve been interacting with has kept it interesting. The flexible work hours, combined with being able to work from anywhere are what I enjoy most. Sometimes I’ll sit in a nice café with my air pods in, working away, and it’s such a joy compared to what I used to do in the offices I’ve worked at in Seattle. I’m even soon planning a trip abroad, I really want to go to Thailand as I’ve never been. Now I can just go spend a few months there, I don’t need time off work, I don’t need to ask permission from my boss, I’m still working there so I don’t need to save up, I can just take my laptop and go. It’s completely changed my life; I feel genuinely free.

Now, let’s dive into the pros and cons of the service. As you can tell, I’m very happy with the service, however, let’s delve into both the pros and cons.



  • Comprehensive training: It was very thorough, covering all aspects of working as a live chat assistant. I felt well-prepared for the role.
  • Flexible hours: The ability to choose our own work hours, allows us to fit our work around our lives, not the other way around like it usually is. I now have a much better work-life balance than all my friends and family.
  • Competitive pay: The pay is good, when you’re in it, you’ll see different roles have different pay brackets. It’s from $20-$35. My current role is for $24 per hour, which is on the lower side offered,  but still great. This role was in an industry I’m interested in and honestly, I just took the first job offered. I will maybe look to upgrade later but I’ve been enjoying my job so far and it’s been 3 months.
  • Variety of clients: Working with different clients across various industries provides a diverse and engaging work experience.
  • Supportive community: The community also offers ongoing support and resources for live chat assistants to progress in their careers and improve their roles. I’ve found this super useful anytime I have questions, or I’m confused about something.


  • Time investment: The training program, while comprehensive, still takes time up front to complete, I completed mine in a few days. This might be an issue for some people with limited free time. I would advise doing it bit by bit, whenever you do get a spare few minutes here or there.
  • Sticking to client guidelines: Each client offering the job, may have specific policies or guidelines that you must follow. It can be challenging to keep track of and adapt to many different requirements if you take on too many live chat jobs, especially at the start.
  • Multitasking demands: Some jobs can require you to manage a few different live chats at the same time, which can be difficult for some people. I found this challenging for the first few hours, but after that, it’s something you get used to.


My experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and even though I’ve been working for 3 months, I’m still smiling about it, I can work any hours I want, and from anywhere I want! I can’t wait to travel while still earning a good wage as I go. The service itself, I have to give it a full 5 stars, based on its comprehensive training to get me ready and confident, the flexible hours, remote working, good pay, and variety of clients and jobs to choose from, make it a great option for anyone looking to enjoy a fulfilling career in the Live Chat Assistant industry. If you’re considering a career as a live chat assistant, I encourage you to give Social Sale Rep a try.


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